Mount Hope Chapel at south entrance with falling snow 
Winter Tours of Mount Hope Cemetery Offer Unique Escape from Cabin Fever!

In 2020, the Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery will offer three opportunities to experience the beauty of the cemetery in winter with Saturday guided tours, 60-90 minutes long, on January 25, February 22, and March 28.

The tours will begin at 11 am at the south cemetery entrance, 1133 Mt. Hope Avenue, opposite The Distillery restaurant. Admission is $10/person; free for members of the Friends of Mount Hope.

The tour route is entirely on flat, paved roads that are routinely plowed by cemetery staff. In addition to general information about Mount Hope, tours will include stops at the graves of famous suffragist Amy Post; and Edward Crone, who served in World War II with author Kurt Vonnegut and was the model for Vonnegut's "Billy Pilgrim" character. The cemetery's newest mausoleum and an impressive monument erected by the Union Pacific Railroad are also on the tour.

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Mark your calendar! Votercade 2020
will arrive at Mount Hope Cemetery on July 25, 2020!

Mount Hope Cemetery is a site partner of Votercade 2020, a program of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House.


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November 12, 2019
To The Friends of Mount Hope Cemetery:

baby birds in a bluebird box
There were 5 successful bluebird broods nesting in our 13 boxes, each yielding 3-5 fledglings. This is the average over the last 13 years, but only half of the peak of 10. There was a surprising number of successful chickadee broods – this year we had 4 successful chickadee broods, twice the previous high of 2.

We had 3 successful house wren broods. While this was higher than the last 4 years, it is well below the peak of 15. Part of the reason for the lower overall number of broods is the absence of second broods.

Prof. Jack Warren in Biology at the University of Rochester collected most of the bluebird and chickadee nests just after fledging to be used in studies of the evolutionary changes of blowflies and their parasites. A short video of his student collecting nests was taken by University communications staff to be used to publicize his research.

flying squirrel on tree trunkWe are delighted that a flying squirrel is continuing to use one of our boxes for nesting. We try not to disturb her, so we do not check that box when we think she is there. She was still in the box on November 5, so we did not clean out the box when we winterized all of the other boxes.

We had a great summer observing not only the bluebirds, but also all the birds and wildlife in the Mt. Hope Cemetery. This year, we especially enjoyed great looks at the fledgling red-tailed hawks.

Sheryl Gracewski

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blue sky and mount hope treesTREES OF MOUNT HOPE
Interested in Mount Hope Cemetery's trees? Hop on the plantsmap website ( -- a website that hosts botanical collections) and search "fomh".  Then navigate to different plants and collections  identified in the cemetery. more...